AM’s Second Generation Twin-Station CNC Router (A Genius Solution!)

Only the minority amount of companies in South-Africa is capable of customising a CNC Router solution in order to meet your unique and individual needs- fortunately Advanced Machinery is one of them.

When Ampaglas, whom is in association with the Ampa Group, contacted us here at AM.CO.ZA for a customised solution for routering the packaging layer boards comprising Polypropylene, we came up with a genius solution called the Twin-Station CNC Router. AM developed and delivered this specialised machinery which meets Ampaglas’ unique and individual needs over the course of a year.

The Twin-Station CNC Router features an EasyRoute Control System with customised firmware to allow each station to function individually and accordingly increases productivity dramatically by routering one side while it is loading the material on another side. In other words, the operator is able to move to the other side and offload the material while simultaneously loading new material onto the machine, as the machine is busy routering on the side previously reloaded.

Upon the delivery of this second generation Twin Station CNC Routing machine to Ampaglas, Advanced Machinery, the main company of the AM.CO.ZA Group of Companies, decided to make the Router available publicly as well. If your company needs a light weight, yet profoundly productive Routing Machine where the general cutting time for each individual board is less than one minute, and can even be less than 30 seconds, the Twin Station CNC Router is the perfect solution.

The Twin Station CNC Router forms a part of the EasyRoute CNC Router series and can operate as a normal router when required, and comes with a vacuum bed manufactured of Bakelite, as well as a High Gantry on the Z-axis to provide a higher working area (which is standard on our EasyRoute CNC Routers). The Twin-Station CNC Router utilises four Servo Motors which provides a 40 meter per minute working speed and can achieve 0.05mm tolerance in the production environment with a 22 hour day, non-stop proven working record.

The innovative Twin-Station CNC Router works as follows:

After one side is finished routering and the gantry moves away, the operator is required to remove the completed board by taking it off, and then triggering the alignment pin by making use of the footpad for easy placement of the next uncut board. Once the new board has been placed, you simply press the station ready button, and the machine will automatically start cutting once the next station is completed. The vacuum pump will switch on and off automatically before starting and completing of the routering.

EasyRoute CNC Router from AM.CO.ZA – the reliable and affordable CNC Router solution produced and available in South Africa.

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