3D Effect on Flat Surfaces by AM.CO.ZA Group of Companies

AM.CO.ZA Group of Companies recently started manufacturing stages and sets. One of our clients challenged us to design a 3D effect on a flat surface. After a week of scratching heads here at AM, the bubble suddenly burst.

With our CNC Machinery such as CNC RoutersCNC Plasma Cutters and CNC Vinyl Cutters, we realised that the challenge, although unique, was not impossible. By utilizing 3D CAD design software, we started designing and drawing a number of various designs.

Our first attempt was a circular ball divided up into numerous squares. Once we added back lightning to the effect, it became clear that we had achieved our goal and then started to play around with different ideas and options.

By using our CNC Router, accuracy as well as repetitiveness of designs was 100% insured. We were also set another challenge by one of our décor clients to design 3D table centre pieces by using a combination of CNC Laser Cutters, as well as CNC Vinyl Cutters. The only limitation to our designs was the client’s budget. What came up with is a bespoke/niche application that we can offer to the Entertainment and Décor companies.

By adding branding to table centre pieces and décor, we have made possible something that was not previously always possible. We launched our new innovative 3D effect stage sets Wednesday evening (15/04/2015) which will be available to view till Friday the 17th April 2015.04.14.

Our launch evening showed our clients our ability to overcome the unforeseen. We were hit with load shedding 30 minutes before the event, but managed to salvage the event due to us having on site generators.

The event turnout was rather low due to the load shedding effect on traffic and people being afraid to leave their loved ones alone in the dark. We overcome this obstacle by utilizing social media platforms to allow clients to see what we had to offer. Subsequently we have come through the trails with a few a few solid customer leads and enquiries.

Those present at the launch were impressed and taken aback by what we have produced, and put out to offer to the industry. We now look forward to growing from strength to strength as we continuously strive to exceed our current as well as future clients expectations.

More picture, visit 3D Stage Effects Photos Gallery.

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