Advanced Machinery Applies for Tender at University of Johannesburg

Advanced Machinery recently perceived that an amount of their CNC Machinery obtained by clients, was supplied to tenders including, but not limited to the South-African Army as well as Transnet Railway System, as their technical team was requested to provide their specialist service on some of the above named machinery on several occasions.

Accordingly, AM deems that their clients did not receive the service which they deserve at a suitable price.

Therefore immediately upon the receival of the request from the University of Johannesburg to supply their institute with a tender for one of Advanced Machinery‚Äôs CNC Routing Machinery Advanced Machinery willingly applied for the tender in favour of providing their clients with additional desirable and satisfactory support.

Based on the CNC Advancing Program (CAP) of the Educational Sector, Advanced Machinery will provide not only a discount on the CNC Routing Machine tendered, but also training to the University Students operating the machinery, thus enabling them to gain the required technical knowledge essential on their path to finding the perfect career opportunities suitable for their individual needs.

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Advanced Machinery is excited to announce the approval of the tender for the CNC Router by the University of Johannesburg. A letter of thanks and approval was received to announce the acceptance of the tender.

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