Advanced Machinery’s New LabelMark Laser Machine (Includes the Software)

The GAPP magazine recently published an Article on Advanced Machinery’s Latest addition to our CNC Machinery – The LabelMark Laser Marking Machine.

LabelMark is an Optical Fibre Laser Marking and Labelling Machine that can etch imagery onto virtually any material – metal and non-metal.The imagery will be permanent as it is etched on, meaning that the image will not fade as it cannot be scrapped or washed off as it actually becomes part of the material.

The LabelMark laser Machine can easily be adjusted manually by a rotating handle on the top of the machine (easy access) to accommodate thicker materials. The intensity and timing of the laser can also be adjusted resulting in a more refined or softer end product.

Unlike the CO2 and YAG Laser Machines the LabelMark Laser Marking Machine is more compact as it does not generate large amounts of heat and therefore does not require a cooling tower and accordingly takes up a lot less space.

The LabelMark Laser Marking Machine is capable of imprinting barcodes, logos, full images, as well as engraving on jewellery.

The LabelMark Laser Marking Machine’s price includes the software which is used to create and generate images and control the Laser Marking Process, as well as training for assistance with the use of the machine.

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