ContiTech Brands Conveyor Belts with AM’s TruCUT Laser Machine

During our Technical Teams Business Trip in Port Elizabeth last week, we went to visit the world’s best known Conveyor Belt Manufacturers-Continental ContiTech in Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth.

Continental ContiTech has been an established entity for years and was recently situated in the heart of Goodyear in P.E.(One of their biggest competitors.) We were informed that Goodyear has sold the manufacturing section to Veyance Technologies which was then sold to Continental ConiTech. (Almost like walking into Pick n Pay and finding a butchery inside being operated by Spar.)

They are also situated next to Volkswagen whom they also happen to supply their V-Belts to.

Veyance Technologies is now also a part of Continental ContiTech as their acquisition on Veyance Technologies has been approved in January of this year.

Our technical team had to assist them with their TruCUT Laser Machine as the motherboard of the Laser Tube blew up during the installation process attempted by their technician. The shield of the Laser Machine wasn’t installed which then led to a high voltage reaction and caused the outcome. Luckily our technician was able to salvage the situation and repair their Laser Cutting Machine.

ContiTech obtained the TruCUT Laser Cutting Machine from Advanced Machinery when re-establishing in Port Elizabeth to be able to make a stencil of their logo for to place on the Conveyor Belts that they manufacture by using a very tough material called Mylar and Melinex PET. The Mylar and Melinex being used is 1 mm thick and has a very high temperature resistance. Which is no obstacle for our CNC Laser Cutting Machine.

With the assistance of their Laser Cutting Machine, they simply cut out their logo on their Mylar and Melinex material, and applied the logo to their manufactured Conveyor Belts by making use of 100 ton press heat. Afterwards the material and Conveyor Belt is taken apart and the logo is successfully engraved onto their Conveyor Belts.

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