Advanced Machinery’s New Miniature DIY EasyRoute CNC Router

Our brand new extra small DIY EasyRoute CNC Router is officially ready to be shown off at our DIY workshop in Jet Park. With a cutting speed of 6 meter per minutes and a working area of 600x400mm, it is the newest creation to our top of the range CNC Machines.

Our support team managed to get our DIY EasyRoute CNC Router setup and cutting our material within minutes.

The Umbilical Connector was connected to the box according to their markers.

The orange cables for the water pump was then connected as well as the power cable.

The Handheld Control Console was then connected and the Router was working perfectly.

Before we started cutting we placed clamps on each corner of our material placed on the working bed of the router to maintain and hold the material in to place. Soon after our Router was cutting out our desired designs on our Marble material.

The new DIY EasyRoute CNC Router can cut any material softer than steel!

You can come view our newest creation at our DIY workshop in Jet Park anytime from 07:30-16:00 Monday-Friday and 07:30-12:00 on Saturdays.

See you there!

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