Advanced Machinery Visits Peet from RAW Studios (4th of June)

Advanced Machinery went to visit Peet from RAW Studios on the 4th of June 2015, whom Advanced Machinery recently formed a partnership with. RAW Studios also obtained 2 CNC Routers, a Laser Cutting Machine, as well as a Vinyl Cutter from us here at AM, which they also happen to use for the manufacturing process of their products and are very satisfied and pleased with the CNC Machinery they obtained.

RAW Studios is a designing and manufacturing company which imports wood named ‘fin plywood’ from Finland for the manufacturing of their products. RAW Studios designs and manufactures furniture such as chairs, tables, drawers, and desks for offices etc. They recently manufactured office furniture for MTN as well.

RAW Studios also offers internships for students as well as designing courses. They have students who will be visiting their workshop in July of this year.

For further enquiries regarding our CNC Machinery please feel free to contact us on 060 600 6000 or visit our website at

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