Stage and Set Manufacturing by Advanced Machinery’s New Workshop

Our Stage and Set Manufacturing Business was officially launched in April 2015 although we have more than 10 year experience in the Stage and Set Manufacturing venture. We manufacture stages and sets for corporate and private functions.

Anything from set pieces for corporate branding as well as stages for small to medium size functions or events. We custom build bespoke set pieces for our clients as the liability of our machinery only limits us to one’s imagination.

We utilize the following machinery:

  1. A 9kw CNC Power Router for lights gauge steel and wood.
  2. A 90W CNC Laser Cutter with a 1300 X 900 bed mainly used for materials such as Plastics, Perspex, paper and thin types of wood up to around 9mm.
  3. V-Smart Vinyl cutter.
  4. A large format printer capable of printing 1.800 metres wide.

We also have all of the above named machinery in DIY size that enables us to do all the proto-typing on. This reduces our design and research and development costs considerably due to the fact that we do not have to cut full size materials in order to see what the outcome of the project will be. This allows us to perfect our design before moving on to the final stage of production.

We are capable of doing all the required work with only 3 employees as the machinery takes most of the brunt during the production stage. Therefore our employees have more free time to attend to more important tasks related to our projects.

We had a launch evening on the 17th of April at our warehouse in Jet Park to launch our new stages and sets. After our initial launch evening we were contacted by Mr. Chris De Lancey from Multi-Media Events. We managed to keep in contact with Mr. De Lancey via social media networks during our launch that was disrupted by the stage 3 load shedding that took place.

They requested a quote for an event they will be hosting at the Zambezi Sun in Zambia for their client -Pick n Pay . We were to supply 21 metres of 3D effect set panels for the flanks of the conference centre in order to create and bespoke set effect for the event. Subsequently we were granted the order for the supply of these set pieces for this event, which we were very excited about as we therefore we will not actually be involved with the setup and transportation of these items to the event. We had to manufacture about eight extra set pieces for this event as well as re-design the set pieces in order to make them free standing. This itself wasn’t really a re-design but rather just to manufacture the base plates for the set pieces as well as fabricating a steel brace to keep them upright.

The manufacture of the eight extra set pieces took around 32 machine hours on our CNC Router. This was mainly due to the small opening we had to deal with hence limiting the size of the Router bit we used. This in turn effects the speed we can run at.

We were limited to a 3m Router bit during this manufacturing process. Which is the one thing that distinguishes us from our competition. We like to push the limits of our Machinery in order to showcase what they are capable of. The stages and sets was collected yesterday on the 4th of May and is off to Zambia.

We will keep you posted as to the progress of this project as well as with some photos of the function itself.

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