Advanced Machinery Donated Vinyl Cutter to Salvation Army, Wednesday 13th May

Advanced Machinery went to visit the Salvation Army on Wednesday 13th May and got to learn a lot about how they help other people in need. Whether it’s accommodating the homeless, saving the abandoned and abused or teaching and educating the disadvantaged, they only have one goal … Helping people in need.

With a house being able to accommodate up to 18 people, and dedicated staff, they manage to do so many wonderful things for the people who needs it the most. There’s only 1 question that haunts Glen and Moya’s minds everyday … Where to from here? What happens to their clients/patients after they leave the Salvation Army? They’re goal after all is to help their clients/patients to become independent.

But with their only fixed support coming from the Government, (Which they appreciate a lot) and other donations received from sponsors and the public, it makes it extremely difficult for them to assist their clients/patients in reaching their full potential.

Which is why Advanced Machinery decided to assist them in giving their clients/patients a future ‘after the Salvation Army’ and donated a Vinyl Cutter to this good cause for them to be able to understand and learn more about the technology out there and provide an extra income.
Our Vinyl Cutters are very affordable and can also be used for a number of different things. It’s also a very simple and straight forward machine to use which will assist them in starting their own business to be able to provide for themselves and become independent. Giving them hope for the future.

If anyone would like to make any donations, you can feel free to call Moya on 083 290 1968 or Glen 078 144 1334.

And for any further information on our Vinyl Cutters, you can visit our website on or call us on 060 600 6000.

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