Father’s Day Promotion in Conjunction with Cape Union Mart Carla Saayman (Innovation)

This past Father’s Day Advanced Machinery worked in conjunction with Cape Union Mart in East Gate Mall, Johannesburg and Canal Walk in Cape Town to raise awareness about their Fibre Laser Marking machine.

Clients who were shopping at Cape Union Mart on 16 June had the privilege of getting a free sample made by AM.CO.ZA‘s Fibre Laser Marking machine.

Clients noted to Advanced Machinery how fast this machine is in comparison to others they have seen or have themselves.

The Fibre Laser Marking and Labeling Machine is able to work on a variety of solid materials, and has an especially great result on metal. The accuracy is astounding and it can engrave up to 0.3mm. It works with air cooling and best of all – it has a very low running cost! Making business a breeze.

Cape Union Mart was so impressed that they intend to buy the machine for themselves. Advanced Machinery’s excellent service and their extraordinary machine convinced them without any effort on their part.

This is just another great innovation from Advanced Machinery to make your business rise above your competitor. If you would like more information on this machine, visit am.co.za or phone them on 060 600 6000.

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