Shipping Liquid and how it is Stored in Printhead – How Inking System Works (Part 4)

This is an article put together to show the client at home how our inking system works. It also gives you some guideline of daily maintenance and troubleshooting.

No matter what kind of printer you bought from us, the principle of ink delivery is the same. In this video, I will explain to you how the inking system works in general and give you some guidelines of daily maintenance and troubleshooting.

What is Shipping Liquid? and How do we go about storing a Printhead

Ever wondered why there is liquid on the surface of a printhead when it’s brand new. It sure feels like it has been used before right? The answer is, it has been used. Based on my knowledge, all printheads manufactured are tested, the injected shipping liquid inside the printhead is there to keep it in a new condition.

So, what is shipping liquid, it’s a form of liquid that doesn’t dry out easily. It is not meant for cleaning and will not absorb or dilute any ink. It is not suitable for cleaning but has two main uses.

The first one is used to keep the printhead from drying when you are not going to use the printer for awhile for e.g. During the festive holidays. Have a look at the section on how to turn off the printer.

Another usage for the liquid is to keep the printhead wet for storage. If you have a printhead that is designated to design for a longer lifespan or a disposable printhead, then you need to store it appropriately, if you decide to use it in future.

Turn off the power before you can remove the printhead. Once you remove the printhead, you need to flush all the ink out otherwise it will dry inside the printhead and eventually cause permanent damage. Use a syringe that has an ink tube that is the same size as the inlet of the printhead, push the cleaning liquid into the head. Then you can wash ink blockages in the printhead. Once you see that all of the colours are gone you should know that the head has been washed thoroughly. Ensure that the circuit board is at the top when flushing the head, otherwise the cleaning liquid will cause damage to the printhead.

Then use a different syringe to push the shipping liquid inside the printhead, this will keep it moist all the time. If your storage location is not cool enough and the middle moisture temperature level is around 60% there, you can always wrap your printhead with clear wrap to prevent it from drying.

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