About the Screen Printing Market, Screen printing Process for Industrial Users (Part 1)


This is a manually handled procedure. Screen printing is the process of pressing/squeezing ink through a stencilled mesh screen onto a surface beneath to create a printed design ink. The process can also be referred to as serigraphy or silk screen printing. Fabric and paper are the most commonly screen-printed surfaces used.


The procedure of screen printing can bring about the worst reputation due to the fact that there is minimum effort to provide adequate training for the industrial printer. Majority of those who engage in screen printing are ignorant of the fundamental principles and achieve a low standard or take far longer to produce the desired result what than is necessary.
There is a serious shortage of officially sponsored training facilities for training operators and serious students of industrial screen printing.

It is assumed that the reader/learner has no previous experience, so we will be starting from scratch when teaching them the basics. We will explain the fundamental principles of screen printing and also power them through the basic skills so that they can apply them in practice; if at the end you fail to achieve the desired result, you will at least know the reason why and be able to remedy the issue at hand! We will also be dealing with various types of printing machine mechanisation and working environments.

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