Water Pump Base Plate Manufactured by AM (Absolute Manufacturing)

Absolute Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd which is a part of the AM.CO.ZA Group Of Companies, recently received a request from a small company called Performer Fluid Control in order to manufacture their base plate frames as well as base plates needed for their Wilo Water pumps which will be used for air conditioning installation at a new building.

Upon the receipt of the request, no measurements or drawings were supplied and accordingly the staff from Absolute Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd had to make use of their own measurements and designs. There were a few minor hiccups during the process with regards to the design as the client, literally changed the design as the project progressed. These were subsequently resolved and remedied and the problems overcome.

The base plates for the water pumps were manufactured from steel in different sizes ranging from 1260 X 505 (mm) to 1450 X 555 (mm).

Our MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter was utilized for the cutting of the motor mounting pads and shims. Four of the base plates that were manufactured have already been delivered to Performer Fluid Control. The balance of the order is due for delivery later this week. As expected the client was extremely happy and satisfied with the product which was manufactured.

We are currently researching a new and quicker way to manufacture these base plates, whereby we will utilize our MetalWise CNC plasma cutter in order to speed up the fabrication process of the pumps. We will also look at standardizing the size of the base frames hence shortening the turnaround times for the fabrication of the base plates. We look forward to setting a new standard in the foreseeable future in the way base plates are fabricated and assembled.

We now look forward to larger and repeat orders, as well as to expanding the Steel and Fabrication side of the AM.CO.ZA Group Of Companies – ‘Absolute Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd’.

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