Baby Furniture Direct Moving to Digital Manufacturing (CNC Router)

Advanced Machinery’s Executive Team visited Baby Furniture Direct‘s father and son duo. They had recently obtained a CNC Easy Route Router from AM and is using it for the manufacturing of baby furniture and other nursery essentials.

They have recently had to expand their production factory lay out in order to accommodate their increased productivity and distribution. Since they started making use of their CNC Router for the manufacturing of their furniture, their productivity have increased rapidly by more than 40% from cutting to distributing.

Baby Furniture Direct specialize in, but not limited to; a variety of baby cots and compactums. They announced that they will be designing and adding a complete set of toddler furniture to their baby furniture range! This will include,standard toddler beds being transformed to more specific themed beds.

Within 1 month; From first being recommended to Advanced Machinery’s range of machines; to being delivered, set up and used; has already proven to be a very promising and prosperous addition to their furniture making methods. Having to import only 2 component items for one specific set, they successfully manufacture everything else.

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