The EasyRoute CNC Router Arrives At Scanda Wood Products in Johannesburg

Scanda Wood Products. This Kitchen Coating business lies hidden in the tiny industrial hub of Honeydew, in Johannesburg, where they manufacturer bamboo countertops & tables, bamboo cupboard doors, bamboo internal doors , bamboo stairs and various small bamboo products. The maverick company also offers a veneer service and

The kitchen coating specialists

modern spray booth facility. The Advanced Machinery team went there to deliver the EasyRoute Lite CNC Router on the 29th of June, 2016. I should say it was one of those indescribable experiences which come far in between. It’s actually far from loading the thing on the truck and simply hopping there. Let me bring you close to our real work. A customer calls, ‘I want to purchase a router.’ Now, the dedicated Advanced Machinery sales team must take the lovely customer through all his anxious questions, which range from the mysterious:

• What spindle option should I go for?
• What motor size do I need, and should I use steppers or servos?
• What type of table to go for?


• Do you do training on ArtCAM software? Is training free of charge? Don’t laugh. All of these. These seasoned men and women must transcend the product phase and plant confidence inside the customer’s head. Believe me, it’s hard, and I understand. But the customer must put the phone down knowing that our routers are strong and reliable. Knowing that design is the key to achieving the speed, accuracy and consistency that is required for our clients to gain competitive advantage in this awkward market. Fast forward. By the time our technical and support team shows up at the customer’s premises, they’re not going there to answer any of these questions. They go to

The EasyRoute Lite CNC Router 2 metre x 3 metre PVC Vacuum table with Clamp at Scanda

Smiles at Scanda factory – the new home of another EasyRoute Lite CNC Router

deliver. We don’t go there to guarantee confidence in a machine. But then we get to step into the customer’s premises and seeing what they do usually changes our outlook about business. Not our business. Their business – and that’s the most important part when dealing with CNC machines. We walked into the Scanda workshop to be greeted by passion written all over people’s faces. All over the factory.

We saw the excitement in people’s body language. Excitement because this business is taking another step. Excitement because there’s a new born in the Scanda family. Excitement because suddenly everyone sees new possibilities with the arrival of the EasyRoute Lite. It’s a simple process: excitement breeds happiness. The staff is happy because they’re a part of something special, something big. This is what we know for sure: in order to be happy, we have to stand for something more important than ourselves – I think we understand that at Advanced Machinery. Because life is a reciprocal exchange. To move forward, we have to give something better to our customers. For us, this is the biggest thing we learn at each dawn. It’s a principle that is woven deeply into the very fabric of this company. As the voice for modern CNC machining in South Africa, everything we do here is about giving. We have to give our customers an experience they can’t find anywhere else. We have to give them the machines they need to grow and thrive. They need to give their own customers results.

A welcome addition

I believe if we discarded the principle of giving, if we focused only on ourselves and our own preoccupations, then the whole Advanced Machinery movement would unravel and fall apart. What do you think?

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