Netflorist Acquires The V-Auto Wireless Vinyl Cutter From AM.CO.ZA

Valentine’s Day, 1999. Ryan Bacher and his partners, Lawrence Brick and Jonathan Hackner launched an online flower business. Ordinary folks who knew nothing about a flower business, let alone anything to do with e-commerce. Call it a trial business. Netforist was born. Building a brand of this magnitude can never be easy. The journey so far has been amazing and rewarding.

Netflorist’s branded vehicle airing the consistent message: SAME DAY DELIVERY

‘What’s really crazy is that people were paying for us to provide a service. We had no stock. We’d never even seen the stock. We knew nothing about flowers! And that’s how our e-commerce journey began. We were way too early in South Africa, but we decided to do it anyway. We were a small business with no budget. That chance paid off. Today we’re a major market player,’ Ryan looks back at the early days.

Despite all the handicaps, the timing was perfect. By 2007 however, the business had grown sufficiently to invest in warehouses and delivery vehicles. Today Netflorist is making national waves. They recently noticed that to successfully personalise issues with customers, they’d need a vinyl cutter so they can be able to cut out labels. Thankfully AM.CO.ZA came through. So when I heard that the company was going for the V-Auto Wireless Vinyl Cutter, I thought it’d be a good thing to sneak in at their premises. The opportunity presented itself when I learned that we’d be training their staff on how to operate the V-Auto.

Lucy and Angela of Netflorist absorbing lessons from an AM.CO.ZA team member

Truth is, you can never say enough about the influence this little monster called the V-Auto has on signage and labelling businesses. I’m referring to precision. Please write that down: precision. I’m talking about quality and fast cutting. It’s a machine to have in 2016 going forward for any serious vinyl cutting business.

The V-Auto Wireless Vinyl Cutter at Netflorist’s new Personalisation Department

The company was the first to purchase the V-Auto Wireless Vinyl Cutter for its new division: the Production and Personalisation department, which was started earlier this year. The company’s quest to move into personal identification of gifts. What does that mean? Simple. It’s no longer about sending out flowers and gifts. The game has changed, and so badly. You can now send your associate a gift written their name. look at the images below, for example.

Samples of personalised products you can get from Netflorist

The more work these guys did, the better business got. The company’s reputation spread like wild fire, mostly by word-of-mouth. Today Netflorist employs close to 200 employees. All this has been achieved through two powerful jabs: same day delivery and 100% satisfaction guarantee of floral arrangements and gifts online with NetFlorist. Now you know that it doesn’t have to take you the whole month to surprise someone special in your life. Same day delivery.

So, how do we summarise this whole story in one piece? Netflorist distribute flower bouquets, hampers and gifts throughout South Africa and beyond. They have established a network of florists in South Africa through whom orders are processed. Netflorist has a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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