Hotwired Design Gets Geared with Advanced Machinery CNC Routers

Hotwired Design is a company you may see and wonder what they do, not knowing that you have seen their work nearly everywhere before. Established in 2001 this company has risen to the occasion with owner Gareth McArthur at the wheel.

They are the epitome of creativity with just a few CNC Routers, Hotwire machines – hence the name – and a whole lot of polystyrene. I may be downplaying it here but with the simplicity and ingenuity that I saw, there was no way to not be blown out of the water.

They do everything from Panel Design, Pattern Design, Vinyl, Lettering and all kinds of creations from polystyrene. Anyone and everyone is a potential client here. From couples planning their wedding for that special centrepiece to the interior decorator adding a little accentuation in the dining room.

Gareth only had rave reviews about AM.CO.ZA’s service. When I asked him about it, he said that there was nothing he would change, the people were extremely helpful to beyond any expectations, the service was great, and the machinery was incredibly affordable.

AM.CO.ZA designs, engineers and sells state of the art machinery, keeping up to date with the newest evolvements to bring you modern technology in CNC Machinery, Softwares and a variety of other machines which can be viewed on AM.CO.ZA.

Do yourself a favour and pop into Hotwired Design to feel the reverberation of imagination all around you. Get into contact with them in any of the following ways:
021 447 3981

Or make a trip to their office: 213A Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town 7925

 AM.CO.ZA Products ☎ 060 600 6000, Let Us Call You Back

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