Dokter and Misses Creating Excellence with CNC Router from AM.CO.ZA

Where contemporary furniture meets mid-century modern you will find at the heart of it Dokter and Misses. Producing furniture locally that will colourfully adorn your wall in unique and sometimes eccentric designs.

Being as unique as they are has its benefits as they won an award from the Southern Guild Design Foundation for an object that moves.

Dokter and Misses is based in Johannesburg and delivers to anywhere in South Africa, granted you are accessible by road. They will also deliver to the port of your choice if you wish to ship your product abroad.

DAM caters to the now, future and the past. Colourful pieces with exquisite, intricate builds are bound to be a favourite with everyone. Dare to be yourself with these amazing pieces that are a necessity for not only local but the international market as well.

AM.CO.ZA can proudly say they have a hand in this creative process. Having sold Dokter and Misses their first CNC Router, making their production an easier and quicker one.

Where Dokter and Misses used to outsource a lot of work to Raw Studios (who have bought two of these CNC Routers from Advanced Machinery) they decided to get their own and produce in-house.

The R-2030V/90 is a pronounced machine when it comes to production for larger companies working with creating anything and everything. The options are incalculable with servo motors at the steer, giving you the precision you need with a 0.5mm accuracy along with the speed you desire in production with a maximum of 80 meters per minute moving speed on the X/Y axis and a maximum 5 meter per minute on the Z axis.

It is not hard to see why it is worth it for your business to invest in this machine and reach new heights. Take a look at all that Dokter and Misses have achieved with this machine, becoming a local trendsetter, and adorning the walls of everyone seeking colour and exquisite pieces in their home or office.

View this incredible machine on AM.CO.ZA and don’t hesitate to take a look at Dokter and Misses – prepared to be wowed at the achievements.

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