AM.CO.ZA’s FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer Powers VB Business Solutions

AM.CO.ZA’s team just recently paid a visit to Virag, the owner of VB Business Solutions, based in Lenasia, south of Gauteng. Established about seven months ago, VB Business Solutions is a complete one-stop Printing and IT Specialist shop. The company purchased the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer from AM.CO.ZA six weeks ago. The team had a chat with Virag about how his small business has had such an explosive success and managed to touch the lives of so many customers in a very short space of time, and this is what he had to say.

Virag started his business around September in 2015, originally specialising in IT services. He then decided to expand into printing, and in mid-February his company acquired the large format printer from AM.CO.ZA. He indicated to us that the machine is very economical on ink, as such he is very happy with the acquisition and the savings the machine affords his business. The FastCOLOUR uses the ECO-Solvent ink and has an in-built bulk ink system. Before he bought this machine, he had up to seven quotations from different suppliers, but he decided on the FastCOLOUR printer, which is because of its efficiency, speed and printing quality.

According to Virag, one major reason influenced him to buy this product from AM.CO.ZA. He said, AM.CO.ZA have their head office here in South Africa, so in terms of support and maintenance, or if the machine has a problem, we can always contact them directly and get assistance instantly.

We asked Virag about the FastCOLOUR printer work-output so far, and he indicated that in the last 6 weeks running, the business has really printed a lot work because of the machine’s no hassle on use – both vinyls and pvc, about two vinyl rolls of 50 metres and one roll of 100 metres of PVC. That’s about 250 m² printed already he said.

Beside the machine being affordable, he also made an emphasis on the FastCOLOUR Large Format printer from AM.CO.ZA being very economical on ink. It does not use too much ink. Only the second 1 Litre had been filled into the other three tanks so far during AM.CO.ZA’s visit, but the black ink had used only a very tiny fraction.

Asked how he manages to set his business apart from competitors, Virag stated that the quality of his work speaks the loudest. From design to customer service and timely deliveries, the company keeps attracting and satisfying even more larger clients, simply spelling growth for VB Business Solutions.

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