Creating of Patterns on T-Shirts with Fabric Paint (Very Popular – Clothing Industry)

Although creating patterns and images on T-Shirts with Vinyl Stencils and Fabric Paint has it own disadvantages such as that it is a non-economical manner of doing T-Shirt printing as the Vinyl Stencil can only be used once, and T-Shirt colour should be taken into consideration in order not to affect the colour of the fabric paint being applied, the procedure of T-Shirt painting with Vinyl Stencils and fabric paint has become very popular in the clothing industry.

This procedure has now been made easier and even more convenient thanks to Advanced Machinery’s CNC Vinyl Cutting Range. With this CNC Machinery available at your finger tips, designs are only limited to once’s imagination and creativity.

The Vinyl Cutting Machines from Advanced Machinery enables you to simply design and cut the image desired, weed the design, place it on the T-Shirt, apply the fabric paint and remove the Vinyl once done.

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