WJV Construction (Metal Fabrication) Achieving with MetalWise from AM.CO.ZA

WJV Construction is a working leader in metal fabrication. Metal fabrication is the building of structures or machines by bending, cutting and assembling processes. Metal fabrication is a real skill – to make something of value from a variety of pieces.

Advanced Machinery provided WJV Construction with the F-2500 MetalWise Large Plasma with Flaming Cutting CNC Machine with MetalWise 125A Plasma Power Unit. However, be aware that this a heavy duty design and that the new F-2500 has a new, more affordable design but is not heavy duty. If you are looking for a heavy duty machine look at our F-3000 and upwards.

WJV Construction had already purchased a Metalwise Lite previously from Advanced Machinery, bearing testament to the excellent service and products AM.CO.ZA offers its clients.

WJV is a special exception to just any metal fabrication company, as they not only repair machinery but build new ones as well. They may be a small business but they are running with the big dogs and succeeding. They have credible and large companies on their client list, such as Lafarge, the cement company building us better cities and Clover, which needs no introduction.

WJV is their go to when a machine kicks the bucket. They fix the machines using the reliable machinery provided by Advanced Machinery. It works for them, there is no reason you should not succeed when working with AM.CO.ZA‘s products.

For anyone in the Sheet Metal Fabrication sector, big or small, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and chat with our friendly staff on how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Visit our Gallery for More Photos http://www.welldone.co.za/MetalWise-Large-Plasma-WJV-Construction/
And Watch Videos for Cutting http://machining.co.za/video/222739337

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