AM.CO.ZA’s EasyRoute CNC Router Ignites This Awesome ABP Induction

‘I’ve got a year’s warranty, so I am happy!’

Those were the words of Byron McCall, Managing Director at ABP Induction. AM.CO.ZA visited the company at its City Deep operations, to offer training to the ABP employees on how to use the new EasyRoute CNC Router. ABP recently acquired this quality router, in an effort to do more diversified work and complex processing. The AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute CNC router is widely used in 3D engraving, drilling, cutting, edging, hollowing, and milling shapes on materials like Soft Plastic, Softwood, Supawood, Plywood & Soft Stone.

The ABP staff also received training on the ArtCAM software that would make it easy for them to design 3D images from conceptual sketches and artistic work made on paper, for example. This software is known world – wide for its ability to scan images and process them in a few seconds, making it a delight when it comes to customising and editing wood – maker designs, signs and logos, and engraving items.

The ArtCAM software provides a unique CAD modelling and CNC machining software solution to a wide variety of industries. The ABP employees who attended the training were very happy and satisfied with the training, mentioning that the software is easy to use and has a good – looking interface. They also enjoyed the software’s magical intelligence in creating Toolpaths.

Byron added that, ‘Essentially we offer turnkey solutions to industry and our strategic aim for ABP Induction Furnaces is to operate as a service hub for the whole South African market. Sustainable technology plus sustainable partnership will be the main reasons of our future success. We welcome the EasyRoute CNC Router to our operations.’

One of the fastest growing companies, ABP Induction continues to enjoy amazing service and partnerships with big players in the market, including Werner Nisi´s Furnaces Manufacturing and Services and Induction Furnaces (PTY) Ltd. Courtesy of AM.CO.ZA’s EasyRoute CNC Router, ABP Induction is now able to scale up and do more jobs which were impossible without a router, leading to an increase in productivity.

About The EasyRoute CNC Router Series

The EasyRoute CNC Router Series from AM.CO.ZA is a versatile general purpose 3-axis CNC Router series targeting the lower and middle range market with a freely upgradeable spindle option as well as a stepper motor/servo motor driving system option for different speed, torque and precision requirements. A linear automatic tool changer unit is also available with a 9kW spindle for an affordable CNC Router with superb performance and efficiency.

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