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I like to write about success stories for one simple reason. Beside the headache you get from writing about some badly performing machine, there is another element. Most people go out to purchase a product simply on the basis of a writer’s opinion, as you can imagine. We writers are guilty. Heaps of people have no time to hop from factory to factory ‘test-driving’ machines. As such their judgment hinges solely on our honesty in analyzing these products. If the machine is bad, that’s it. Should the machine do magic, sure the phones at your office will be ringing like mad. I’m not lying.

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Brand Inventors workshop in Silverton, Pretoria. We walked around the company premises. Brand Inventors – you can Google them – a creative retail-store and franchise designing business whose services include Retail layout and design, Franchise concept development, Shop retail interior design, Pop-up or Mobile shop design, Window display design, Signage, Graphics, Multi-media and many more. First thing we noticed was a small room, studio-like, with this inscription that greeted us as:

‘Digital Printing Room’Inside is the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer from AM.CO.ZA. Brenton Watt, the director, was quick to point out that the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer is the machine to go for when you seriously want a quality print result, ‘If you print with this machine, you can offer your customers shockingly low prices. If the file is right, then the quality is perfect. I can’t say I have fully maximised this machine’s performance output yet. Of course as you get to know the machine better, you can set it to perform better. I’m sure I’ll get the results very close to Roland quality, without a doubt. For my purpose and for what I do, this is awesome.’

He was referring to this image below, which was printed from the FastCOLOUR.

To best explain using appropriate words, I will start from the beginning. Walking through that workshop, it’s clear why Brand Inventors have the customers they have today. I’m talking about corporate giants like Google. Polo. Ford. KFC. Skotch. Value Med Pharmacy. Enough to get your mouth foaming. Just as you walk past the elegant office, you get greeted by the work designed for Corona, one of the company’s customers.

But then we proceeded straight to the workshop, and immediately staring at us was the beast that’s guilty for this work: the MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, still from AM.CO.ZA. It’s believed to be one of the most powerful cutting instruments of its generation. Is it any good? Well, let me explain. You see, a performance plasma cutter has to evolve your business to the next stage. It must have an ability to take your customer a step ahead. Otherwise there’s no point in owning this product. This plasma cutter is mechanised exactly for that. If it wasn’t a good performer, I wouldn’t bother bubbling about it. And I can assure you, it’s a no brainer – even Brand Inventors would have returned the thing and got their money back long long ago. Plain and simple.

‘Plasma Cutting Area’

‘Router Cutting Area’

This then reminds me of something else. recently ran a poll in which they posed a question:

‘What are your biggest considerations when buying a CNC Router?’

The results didn’t surprise me. They are published on page 61 of the 2016 March/April Practical Sign & Digital Graphics magazine, if you can get a chance to pick one. I concluded that this magazine is distributed free of charge after I failed locate the bar code on it. I should confess that I’m among 67% of the population who vetoed for accuracy (the 33% was the judgment of those who think that a router simply exists for its speed and productivity), simply because, like I mentioned above, I spend a better part of my time gazing at, and testifying about the awesome work done by the CNC Routers from AM.CO.ZA.

I know for sure that you cannot find any other performance router like the newly-arrived EasyRoute Lite CNC Router. We didn’t have to ask much about the router at Brand Inventors. Its work was lying all over the workshop. We just concluded that it’s got to be an award-winning CNC Router that can carve out work like this. That said, seeing the capability of these machines blew my mind. It’s an experience I will never forget! By the way, Brand Inventors also own the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter, also from AM.CO.ZA.

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