Advanced Machinery Stocks The New TruCUT CO² Laser Cutting Machines

In a quest to impact on its customers’ speedy and quicker turnaround on projects and an overall smoother manufacturing system, Advanced Machinery has increased its production quantity of the TruCUT CO² Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines. The machines arrived last week at the company’s Johannesburg work-floor from its

The TruCUT Standard Range 1300×900mm Cabinet Type Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with 150W CO2 Laser Tube Complete Package

production house in China. The TruCUT comes in two series: the TruCUT Standard Series and the TruCUT Premium Series, all with two options of the CO2 sealed laser tubes. These machines are custom designed to suit the customer’s cutting and engraving needs. They are either powered by a Stepper Motor and belts or by a Servo Motor and ball screws. The TruCUT is the ideal laser engraving machine, whether you’re starting your enterprise or when you want to petch up speed and production. It is designed with the highest quality components to ensure minimal

The TruCUT is powered by a Stepper Motor or by a Servo Motor
maintenance requirements. This newest member of Advanced Machinery’s CO² laser cutter series, has been declared the most impressive, innovative and noteworthy piece of laser cutting equipment in the industry. The TruCUT’s system remarkably system reaches cutting speeds of 600mm per second and can achieve less than 

The laser cutter’s operating panel
0.1 mm Repeat Positioning Accuracy. There are 4 different laser tubes to choose from, and depending on the scheme of your option (taking into consideration your cutting demands), you can go for the light power laser tube, which is suited for surface engraving and rubber stamp making, for example. This laser tube comes with a Water Pump for cooling. Then there is the middle power laser tube, which is designed for deep engraving and general non-metal cutting. This one is accompanied by a water-cooled chiller. The high power laser tube, another option, is good for cutting metal, but not good for engraving because the dot is too big. It comes with an 800W water chiller. The last laser tube – the higher power one – is generally used for cutting metal, thick Supawood or Die Cutting Board. It cuts so fast and is suitable for a Conveyor table, increasing productivity. The customer will be glad to know that it

The laser tube
Goes with a 1400W chiller. In addition, the new laser cutting machinery will be coupled with a Honeycomb table

The motorised Honeycom Table top

system, which is either fixed or motorised. The motorised table is adjustable and can move around. This powerful laser cutting system from Advanced Machinery not only cuts parts, but cuts time as well, as the automation process certainly speeds up production. Any customer would want to see their waiting times cut down. Something again important worth noting is that these machines come with a Standard Tube, so the machine’s total price will be a little lower.

Having said that, let’s answer a few of the question you might perhaps be having:

Question: What computer Software programs are supported by your laser machines?
Answer: You can print to the laser from a variety of programs, including CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and Adobe software.

Question: Can you cut through metal?
Answer: No, the frequency of the CO2 laser requires very high watts of lasers to penetrate through metals. Advanced Machinery’s CO2 laser systems are best suited to cutting wood, acrylic, plastic, and fabric. Not sure about your material? Please feel free to give the Advanced Machinery team a call on 060 600 6000, and they will break it all down for you.

Question: Can the thickness of my material influence my laser purchase?
Answer: There is no simple answer on the thickness a laser system can cut. Since a laser is a light, it will lose power on propagation and reflection, and tends to be more complex when the machine size is larger. For a quick guide on the laser systems at Advanced Machinery, you may put a call through, or you may conveniently visit the Laser Cutting Thickness Choosing Guide here.

Question: Do you usually stock laser cutter spares?
Answer: We are always able to maintain and repair our machines. We stock all essential Laser Cutter spares for the lifetime of the machine (normally up to 10 years) to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

The TruCUT Laser Cutter is equipped with wheels to move around, but has to be fixed well before operating so that is does not shake. Otherwise it will affect the engraving or cutting process, or the machine itself might be prone to damage

For more on laser cutter machines please watch this informative video of a 90 watt laser power slicing through 6mm PLEXIGLAS, achieving easy, fast and smooth finishing quality.

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