How The V-Smart Vinyl Cutter Became So Popular – Surpass and Go Beyond

Arguably the most popular vinyl cutter in South Africa so far, this machine has transformed the cutting and plotting business landscape. It’s no longer business as usual. It’s the vinyl cutter that thinks for itself. There are reasons for that. It’s our job to give something new to look at, occasionally. In the grand scheme of things, vinyl cutter users almost unanimously agree that modern business must deliver quality cutting and material handling equipment that’s a real economical solution for every stage of the cutting room production cycle. Makes sense.

EVOLUTION: More than 125 years ago, a Canadian inventor named George Eastman introduced the first electric cloth-cutting machine, which allowed the clothing industry to evolve from the manual drudgery of cutting to a modern operation. Mr Eastman developed the first fractional electric motor that could be mounted on a platform that would serve as a cutting base. The motor was attached to a reciprocating knife mechanism and the first electric fabric-cutting machine was born – The Eastman. The Eastman revolutionized the apparel industry with a tool that ended tedious manual cutting-room labor.

Since then, plotters have evolved in to what industry accepts today as excellent. On our part, we want to surpass and go beyond excellent, and one way of us doing that was by producing the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter, as demand for sign-cutting took a leap into the future. And the catch with this machine? Here is a product that’s guaranteed to perform and ensure your production requirements are realized. In fact, the V-Smart was developed from the initial V-Series, our basic vinyl cutter. A lot was altered, especially the basic components: We escalated the

• Cutting pressure from 20g – 500g for the V-Series to 5g – 1000g for the V-Smart
• Repeatable precision from 0.0127mm for the V-Series to 0.005mm for the V-Smart
• Smallest readable letter you can cut from 5mm height for the V-Series to 2mm height, and
• Stepper motor of the V-Series which runs at 0.0254mm per step. Now the V-Smart runs on a Microstepping, at 0.005mm per step.

We’ve kept the machine rolling with ©Roland compatible blades. We have always kept our attention to detail intact, so that’s covered. The product innovation of the V-Smart and service that have always been Advanced Machinery’s hallmark remain strong to this day. In our line of work you let nothing slip. Especially because we know that the customer, our dear customer is dying for a machine that operates today, with its vision set for tomorrow, a V-Smart.

Vinyl Cutter. So, this machine answers all your questions, essentially ticking all the criteria you follow when making an important purchasing decision: What drive motor should your cutter have? Do you need to contour-cut printed images? What other features do you need? What about tech support? Okay, Advanced Machinery is one of those few entities around here which guarantee you after-sales support and a limited offer when it comes to spares and repairs.

In conclusion, you have it all. The V-Smart works superbly under the guidance of CorelDraw, Illustrator, or SAI FlexiSign from Advanced Machinery. The V-Smart is supported by any computer running on Windows.

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