AM.CO.ZA’s Laser Cutter Fuels Business At Paper Explosion (Pretoria)

Advanced Machinery recently went to visit Maryke Davel owner of Paper Explosion in Pretoria. Maryke Davel is a fashion, graphic and packaging designer and has a company which has been specializing in personalised hand crafted boxes and stationery for 15 years.

Paper Explosion has a wide amplitude of products ranging from: gift boxes, branded boxes, carry bags, folded boxes, business cards, pamphlets, files, envelopes and cards etc.

Maryke Davel recently brought a CO2 Cabinet Laser Cutter from Advanced Machinery. Maryke is pleased with the CO2 Laser Cutter as it has help improve production, increase sale and enhances quality. With the new CO2 Cabinet Laser Machine they can manufacture new and more personalised products in a more cost effective way.

If the paper material being used is thin, our V-Smart Vinyl Cutter may also be used for the cutting of the material of which in turn the price will also be considerably lower. For thicker paper material our CO2 Cabinet Laser Machine is recommended.

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