Advanced Machinery Visits Daine from Prism Laser Works (Edenvale)

Advanced Machinery recently took a trip to Prism Laser Works in Edenvale, a start-up company run by 3 friends: Daine, Tyron and Wayne, owners of a Cabinet CO2 Laser cutting and Engraving Machine which they obtained from Advanced Machinery.

Daine got the idea to start a Laser Cutting and Engraving company while he was completing his architecture course in varsity, as he had to get several projects Laser Cut and decided to open his own Laser Cutting and Engraving company.

Prism Laser Works have only been open for 4 months and they mainly produce contour models and projects for students. They are looking to expand their product range to include products from 3D models to recorded sound waves.

Click here for videos regarding the Cabinet CO2 Laser cutting and Engraving Machine.

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