Harrogate Plastics Achieves More with AM.CO.ZA Lasers – The Best Results

From a small business to making an important stance in the industry. Nearly everything creative and you can be sure they offer it. From brochure stands to laser engraving, Harrogate Plastics makes sure to offer their clients the best service they can as an established business with remarkable operators for their machinery.

They also manufacture a large volume of signage products. Keeping a host of CNC Routers, Laser Cutting machines and Engraving Machines.
In the past, it was thought to be easier to import these machines directly from China. But after Harrogate Plastics bought 6 lasers and was dissatisfied by the lack of service, support and spare parts.

After the great frustration of trying the imports from China, Harrogate Plastics turned to AM.CO.ZA for expanding their business and supporting local. AM.CO.ZA offered Harrogate Plastics local support, a service plan and spare parts.

Advanced Machinery manufactures machines at “made in China” prices locally. AM.CO.ZA works together with machine manufacturers and setting up assembly lines. It gives the customer the same price as importing from China but with enhanced quality and the support customers deserve after buying a product.

Harrogate Plastics bought two machines from AM.CO.ZA. A TruCUT™ PRO Standard Range 1300×2500mm Flatbed Type for Sheet Metal/Non-Metal Material Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with an 180W CO2 Laser Tube and a TruCUT™ Standard Range 1300×2500mm Flatbed Type Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with an 180W CO2 Laser Tube.

AM.CO.ZA always goes above and beyond for their clients. They take the risks to give you a hassle free transaction with the thrill of achieving the best results.

AM.CO.ZA Products ☎ 060 600 6000, Let Us Call You Back

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